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Medieval Spices - bringing history to your taste buds.

Medieval Spices - bringing history to your taste buds.

Are you interested in Medieval reenactment? Been looking to give an authentic touch to your Medieval-themed feasts? Our new Medieval Spices pack contains four jars of specially mixed spices to bring history to life - and your taste buds.

In the pack you'll find:

Chilli Salt - Chillies were originally from South America and were brought back with the Conquistadores, creating quite the stir with the Tudors. Hugely expensive at the time, chillies were only able to be bought by the rich and were used sparingly.

Dukes Powder - This was used to improve the red wine of the time as the quality was variable and could leave a lot to be desired!

Powder Forte - Especially good in a modern stew, this savoury blend of spices was the go-to choice for savoury dishes in early Tudor times.

Powder Douce - A delicious, sweet spice used for pies, puddings and cakes.Warming and aromatic.

You can find our Medieval Spices here and we'll also be posting some of our favourite recipes which use them too. Once you've tried them, why not get in touch and share your recipes with us? We'll try them out and publish the best in our Recipes section!

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