Sausage & Red Onion Marmalade Quiche

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Hey, try this quiche for a great summers evening supper, perfect for the whole family.

You will need the following,

Don't worry if you haven't got the right size tins, just make a couple of smaller ones


12oz Self Raising Flour

6oz Unsalted Butter


For the filling

1 jar of Farmhouse Kitchen Red Onion Marmalade 

5 free range eggs

10fl oz of milk

5fl oz double cream

4 Sausages - chop up

2 Handfuls of mature grated cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste




Preheat oven to 180 - 200*c/ gas mark 5

Line an 11in/28cm round quiche/tart case with baking paper or parchment

Mix together flour and butter until a sandy texture, add cold water slowly until a dough is formed and doesn't tear rolling

Roll out pastry (which you just made) enough to cover the tin, then place it over the tin and tuck in the edges all the way around and cut of any extra pastry that is over hanging

Sprinkle the base with 1 handful of cheese, then scatter 6 dollops the Red Onion Marmalade on top of the cheese

Sprinkle all the sausages and the rest of the cheese over the top and add the salt & pepper

Whisk up the milk, eggs and cream and slowly pour over the top until all is covered.

Bake in the oven for 25minutes then turn and bake for another 20minutes. It may need a further 5 to 10 mins depending on your oven.

Serve with chips or salad or minted new potatoes


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